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Proprioception as we age


Proprioception is the sensory information sent from the muscles, tendons, and joints to the somatosensory cortex about where your body is in space as you move. Proprioception is also known as our "sixth sense."

Proprioception plays an important role in the planning of precise and coordinated movements, in maintaining balance and controlling body posture and influences motor learning and re-education.

Why it matters as we here for some insights

Sensing your skeletal structure and making small movements, combined with heightened awareness, will improve the proprioception.

"In order to perceive clearly, our attention concentration, motivation or desire must actively focus us on what it is we are to perceive."Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


Try Somatic moves à la Feldenkrais.

Somatic movements, are performed consciously with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance or result of the movement.

My somatic moves sessions will guide you to heighten not only, your proprioception, but other senses too.

Become aware, explore, be curious and discover for yourself free and easy movement options.

Click here and join me on Tuesday

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