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Be proactive to create better balance

Check out this TedEX talk on balance from a Feldenkrais colleague Carole Blueweiss. 

She talks about being more proactive to build better balance.

Many falls are preventable.

Posture, vestibular and vision changes don’t happen overnight, so now is the right time to be proactive. 

  • Writer's pictureDiane Barker

Did you know your big toe influences your balance?

This video delves into toe mobility, strength and their impact on balance.

The basic exercises in the video can make a profound difference to your ability to maintain balance, prevent falls and improve your walking and running efficiency.

Remember muscles and joints can be trained and should be,

at whatever age

  • Writer's pictureDiane Barker

Move better, Feel better

Moshe Feldenkrais, master of the martial arts, physicist, mechanical engineer went beyond the scientific and medical knowledge of his time and explored the mind -body connection.How the mind affects the body and in turn how the body affects the mind. The method he came up with uses movement to touch and to change people's lives. Take a peak click here.

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