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Ride the waves of change.

Tending to transitions.

We look with uncertainty.

We look with uncertainty

beyond the old choices for

clear-cut answers

to a softer, more permeable aliveness which is every moment

at the brink of death;

for something new is being born in us

if we but let it.

We stand at a new doorway,

awaiting that which comes…

daring to be human creatures,

vulnerable to the beauty of existence. Learning to love.

by Anne Hillman

I thank Arielle Schwartz for these musings on transitions, change and finding balance.

I hope they strike a chord in you too.

Tending to Transitions

Equanimity is defined as the ability to stand in the middle of intensity.

“Equanimity involves increasing your ability to stay present and be patient with uncomfortable experiences. Although the only constant in life is change, we so often brace against it. We fear that we will be out of control, groundless, and vulnerable. One way to establish equanimity in the midst of the flux of life is to return to the constancy of the breath, which can allow you to remain connected to your center even when there are elements of your life that are out of your control.” Therapeutic yoga for trauma

  • Writer's pictureDiane

in this interview Emeran Mayer, MD. interviews Pedro Bastos, a world renowned nutritionist and researcher from Portugal, affiliated with Lund University in Sweden and the European University of Madrid, in Spain. He co-founded CEAN, a Spanish institution providing advanced education in Nutritional Sciences for health professionals. Dr. Bastos lectures globally on nutrition, lifestyle, and health in four languages, and has co-authored several scientific papers in the field in high profile journals, including Nature Medicine and Nature Reviews in Cardiology.

Here are just some of the topics addressed:

• What is an inflammatory diet? • Chronic inflammation in the etiology of disease across the lifespan • Pros and cons of the Mediterranean diet • What can we learn from traditional societies

  • Writer's pictureDiane

In this episode, gastroentorologist, author, and microbome researcher Emeran Mayer. discusses the connections between the gut and the mind, and brings a biological lens to the concept of interconnection

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