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A must here

In this video Dr. Schleip covers exciting new findings in fascia research showing that the fascia is intricately connected with the autonomic nervous system and the immune system.

This has wide-ranging implications for our understanding of what it takes to stay healthy and slow the aging process. In particular, it casts a spotlight on the important role that movement plays in this process - but not just any kind of movement!

Thanks to Yoga U Online yoga Education for Every Body for this interview and the opportunity to delve deeper with the courses highlighted in the link.

Dr. Schleip PhD is an international Fascial Anatomy teacher and a leading voice in fascia research. He has been the director of the Fascia Research Project at Ulm University, which is at the forefront of international fascia research since 2008.

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Our ankles and feet are the unsung heroes of our bodies,

the foundation of our stability & movement.

Every move we make with our feet, affects the whole of ourself.

Our feet support the weight of our bodies,

help us balance as we walk, run and go about our day.That's why it’s important to keep them strong and flexible to avoid injury and strain.

Try this somatic lesson, you may be surprised how it impacts how you stand and walk.

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