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Don't Neglect your Feet

A Feldenkrais lesson to awaken your feet.

You will surprised how you may find more ease and comfort in walking, better balance and improved posture. A tall order.

Hopefully your interest is piqued and you will give the lesson a try

This free lesson focus' on the importance of the toes, how they control our feet, balance, posture and gait.

If you are new to the Feldenkrais method this is a great opportunity to discover how somatic moves can be life changing .

Our feet are amazing! With 26 bones and many joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles in each one They are designed to be responsive and adaptive to our movements in space, and to the changing angles of the ground beneath us. They are constructed to give us remarkable versatility, support, and mobility.

Yet, in modern life, our feet are often neglected. We enclose them in footwear that reduces movement and sensory stimulation, and we become accustomed to using them in an increasingly limited way. This affects our posture, balance, mobility, and vitality.

As our feet become less agile, our posture, our balance, and our ability

to move freely and comfortably suffers.

Don' t let this happen to you.



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