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Posture & the Alexander Technique

How you perceive your body is fundamental to how you experience and use it.

You might think of your body as something that you have to lug around or that causes pain. Why not think of the body as an event that recreates itself with every moment

Whether or not we realize it, how we think of the body has a powerful influence on how we stand and move.

Posture and movement are inseparable.

People often think of posture in a static sense but really the body is never static.

It is more accurate to think of movement and posture as a single idea.

Your posture goes with you everywhere and does everything that you do.

Posture isn't a stiffness, but something that is created new and light every moment.

Here is an article with ideas about posture

Think of your body, with its heartbeat, the breath, and chemical/electrical reactions flowing—the body, like a fountain of water, is a structure in continuous creation.

As you are reading this, Don't Stand Up Straight.

try thinking of your body as an alight and pulsating fountain of water

coming up from the ground.

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