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Knowledge Matters. Foot Health

Learn about the vital role of foot strength, function, and health in human movement and well-being

Check certain points on the timeline

  • Anatomy of the rear foot and midfoot [10:15];

  • The development of flat feet, the impact of footwear, and the benefits of going barefoot [19:45];

  • Anatomy of the forefoot, common injuries, and why most injuries occur in the forefoot [23:15];

  • Foot musculature and its role in maintaining foot stability and preventing deformities like bunions and hammer toes [30:15];

  • The intrinsic musculature of the foot, plantar fasciitis, footwear, and more [39:00];

  • Plantar fasciitis: diagnosis, causes, and treatment [51:30];

  • Posterior leg muscles: strength assessment methods, role in ACL injuries, and more  [59:15];

  • Lateral and medial muscles: ankle stability, arch support, big toe stabilization, and exercises to strengthen and prevent injuries [1:04:15];

  • Importance of strength of lower leg muscles for gait and preventing shin splints, stress injuries, and more [1:08:15];

  • Tendinopathies and other common pathologies related to the anterior and lateral compartments of the foot [1:13:00];

  • The importance of midfoot integrity, ankle dorsiflexion, and a discussion of gait alterations [1:19:45];

  • Proximal stability and its implications for posture and movement patterns [1:27:00];

  • The age-related decline in foot sensation and strength [1:32:45];

  • Common toe injuries, treatment, and how to prevent further progression of the injury [1:36:30];

  • Preventing falls and managing arthritis with proactive foot care and exercises [1:46:45];

  • Footwear: advice for picking shoes that promote foot health [1:54:45];

  • Footwear for runners [2:05:30];

  • The importance of prioritizing footwear that promotes natural foot movement and strength while considering individual comfort and foot health needs [2:09:30]; and


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