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Movement Matters

Updated: Mar 10

Less is more

Less workouts, more practice.

Less assuming, more observing.

Less judgment, more curiosity.

Less conforming, more exploring.

Less passive, more active.

Less quantity, more quality.

"Speed is the enemy of sensitivity" Tom Mayers

An ah ha moment..all so frequently in sessions you hear me say , slow down, but why?

When we move quickly, we fall into engrained movement patterns which are so familiar and have helped us get by for so long, but is the familiar truly optimal.

That is what we are asked to explore in somatic movement sessions. Movement can change. If we become aware, pay attention, move slowly, and play, as we did as babies we vary our movement options so the brain can perceive the differences and open a pathway to ease and less pain.

Join me in the studio to explore.

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