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A Whole Person Focus on Heart Disease


Director’s Page

Helene M. Langevin, M.D.

January 9, 2024

"As we have explored factors that influence the health of the whole person, it has become increasingly evident that interrelationships—between different body organs and systems, between genetics and environment, and between the mind and body—are crucial in both health and disease. Even when we’re focusing on a single disease process, we need to consider multiple mechanisms and parts of the body, as well as people’s lifestyles and environments, to fully understand how best to prevent or manage it. "

Read what the research says and check the recommendations below.

"If you’re thinking about health goals for 2024, you may want to consider these three aspects of lifestyle—managing stress, being more active, and establishing healthy sleep patterns—as priorities for the year even if you’re not at high risk of cardiovascular disease. These habits aren’t just good for your heart; they also benefit your physical and mental health in many other ways. And unlike some medicines, they don’t have unpleasant side effects."


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