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Golfer's Elbow Pain Relief

Updated: Feb 1

Spinal mobility and hip range of motion matter!

What is critical to understand is that when dealing with elbow issues, it is almost NEVER only about the elbow. In fact, multiple research studies have demonstrated that mobility issues throughout the kinetic chain need to be addressed to reduce stress on the elbow.

This video show you a fast, targeted method for improving spinal mobility that is essential in elbow pain rehabilitation. Allowing the torso and shoulders unrestricted movement can make a massive difference in elbow stress, with the added benefit of improving performance.

Another key factors in golfer's elbow pain is the hip-elbow connection. A healthy elbow depends on efficient cooperation throughout the body's kinetic chain and one of the MOST important areas is the opposite hip. If you look at most sports or movements that often result in medial epicondylitis, you often see a lack of internal rotation in the opposite hip during rotational movements. Improving range of motion and motor control of the opposite hip reduces stress on the elbow and often improves sports technique as well.

There is also a connection between shoulder strength and endurance and medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). From a research perspective there are 3 critical shoulder exercises that can often reduce strain on your elbows, which makes them key players in the rehab process..

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