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Explain Pain

'Explain Pain Supercharged' uncovered

This title is quite the complex and rich beast, powerfully bringing pain science alive for students, clinicians, scientists and genuinely curious, clever and highly-committed people in pain. If Explain Pain is the bones, Explain Pain Supercharged is the surrounding tissues that define and support the structure – the ligaments, nerves, dura mater, fluid pathways, muscle, fat, and skin.

On the left, the mechanistic model represents the metaphor of the body as a machine: the brain a computer, the inner workings like a car body. On the right, the anatomical model represents the medical model, presenting the body as solely a collection of organs operating in their own space. The middle model depicts the body as a garden, suggesting we grow and intertwine like a whole ecosystem, where all parts interact, creating their own energy and 'biosphere'. This idea is attributed in the book to the University of Adelaide's Professor Mark Hutchison, who encourages us to think of distribution in the immune system as something akin to bees in a garden, moving between plants and cross-pollinating the flowers. We feel James has captured this beautifully and love the final image he produced. – Juliet Gore

Explain Pain Supercharged, the book you need to enrich your core knowledge of the neuroimmune science of pain.

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