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Can HOW I breathe really be that important?!… Yes!

Few things if any are as habitual as how we breathe, but HOW we take those 20,000 breaths should be considered as important as how we would do anything we cared about benefitting us. Would you expect to be good at anything you didn’t practice well?! Of course not, you’d expect a golfer to work on their swing, a singer to work on their voice, and a speaker to work on their delivery. So, as a daily ‘breather,’ it should make sense that working on it might be of benefit.

This is a a powerful and easy to do anywhere and anytime drill. Remember there is always a neurologic/brain activation side to every drill we teach you, it’s not just the physical output angle.

The only mistake you can make with this drill is to underestimate it and not give it a try.

The benefits can be in any area of compromise, so if you feel more relaxed, more grounded, have less pain, perform better, those are all logical results.

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