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Breathe Into your Low Ribs

  1. Lissa Michalak Admin5 hrsBuffer

When you breathe into your lower rib cage, you move ribs 10-12. 鉁匒nd ribs 10-12 are important places for muscles to attach, including: 馃憠 The diaphragm 馃憠 The psoas 馃憠 The quadratus lumborum (QL)All 3 of these are hard to stretch when the back is in spasm-- most QL stretches you'll see involve side bending, which puts weight on the QL as well as length, and aren't appropriate for someone with a limited ROM, weak QL muscles, or who is in serious pain. 馃檧But by bringing awareness and breath to the area, you can also bring gentle movement and stretching, even if a client doesn't have much range of motion in the lower back. 馃樆So the next time someone needs motion through their quadratus lumborum., but isn't ready for side-bend stretches, try using the breath to move the QL from the upper attachment. 馃挭Your client will be surprised at how effective that "one little breathing exercise" was!馃寛(Like this? Get more anatomical gems in our LIVE CLASS March 21-22 in NYC: sign up here before we close registration:

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